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Samson products are the result of technological leadership in rope design and manufacturing.

Ultra Ropes (Pacific) Ltd is the exclusive NZ distributor for Samson Rope Technologies (USA).

Samson Ropes have developed an extensive variety of synthetic and natural fibre rope products to meet individual market needs or specific application criteria. Continual research and development with new technologies and fibre advancements ensure rope evolutionary design to satisfy an ever-increasing range of applications.

Our challenge has always been to have the most complete line of products with a constant and continuing commitment to quality, service and innovation. For over 125 years, Samson has been developing innovative products. Bringing the best of current fibre technology to the workplace, Samson provide engineered solutions to real-world problems and follows-up with assistance at installations, full documentation and training on rope inspection and retirement criteria. Samson are committed to making certain all their products perform as designed- no matter what the application.

So whether you are in the Heavy Industrial, Commercial Marine, Utility Industry, Commercial Fishing, Recreational Marine, Arborist or other related industries, Samson will have a rope for you.